EFITNESS 123 is a company dedicated to improving the lives of clients both physical and mentally. The company provides physical fitness and nutritional programs, as well as information needed to attain optimal health and physical performance. EFitness 123 also provides stage presence consultations, nutritional plans and mental conditioning for athletes considering competing in professional fitness competitions.

Training with Ezra is easy and convenient. Clients are able to train one-on-one (on location) or may choose online training for their advantage. Either way, intense training plans will be completed keeping in mind goals that were set between client and trainer. even if you are miles away, EFitness 123 has a training compilation that will fit your specific training needs


EFitness123 mission is to convey an understanding of the importance of good health and how it relates to a rewarding quality of life. We will deliver the best possible fitness and nutrition solutions for our clients needs through desirable, challenging and appropriate services thereby creating life long professional relationships within our community.

"My goal is to help people understand the importance of good health, a rewarding quality of life at all ages and building long lasting relationships. I will offer the best service with a fair approach to every situation" - Ezra Whorley

Phone: 434-426-1643
Address: 240 Beverly Hills Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24502


Treat every client with dignity and respect
Always be honest and responsive to client concerns
Always provide quality, professional, and appropriate services
Do not exaggerate expected results
Push clients to maximum level of fitness


Ezra Whorley has been in the fitness/training industry for more than 15 years. As a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Health. Ezra received his training certification through Expert Training for Personal Training and Nutrition.

In his free time, Ezra enjoys family time with his wife and daughter. He also referees with the USFTL Flag Football Association where he played defensive linebacker and running back in the league for 20 years. Sports and fitness is his passion that he is able to use to impact the lives of others


As the owner of E-Fitness, Ezra has trained too many clients to count. He has trained clients of all age groups and physical ability. He takes special care to research new techniques, nutrition and/or client circuits before instructing clients to perform exercises. Ezra Specializes in strength and weight training, cross-fit and cardio training. As sports specific training is becoming more popular, Ezra has training techniques and instruction for individual sports as well. His clients have taken part in cross-fit games, professional fitness competitions, mud runs and high school sport programs. When competing, his clients have met or surpassed personal records, place within professional competitions and have proven their ability to compete within a higher level than expected for various competition. Ezra takes price in training his clients and his competing athletes. He impart the mental and physical toughness to finish what is started.